Action is started

Although rainfall in Eastern Australia is currently helping to control the bushfires, there is still a risk of renewed outbreaks. To prevent similar catastrophic situations in the future not only in Australia but also worldwide, the number fleet of firefighting aircraft must be increased in the next years. The time of the oldtimer water bombers – remains aof the WW II – is over. The future fire bomber must be safe and reliable. The urban sprawl of the megacities makes a better protection agains wildfires essential. Water bombing is not any longer a business taken out in some remote forest areas. The fires are coming nearer to the humans.

We are now searching for supoorters, investors and know-how to prepare the developement and the conversion of modern aircraft into water bombers. Any help is welcome.

Photo by Naveen Nkadalaveni ( Bandipur National Park wildfire – 02/2019)