ARGUS-MIDI UAV design finished

Basic design for long range drone finished

After about a year of work and a few design loops, the design for a new winged drone (UAV) for long-range flight has now been completed. The design has been laid out primarily for ease of production at low cost.

Powered by a four-cylinder boxer engine, only standard components and cost-effective construction methods are used. ARGUS-MIDI is easy to disassemble and can be repaired by less skilled technicians. The drone has been planned to fly for at least 20 hours, capturing series of images of the terrain below. HD cameras, infrared cameras and other sensors can be mounted in the head of the drone. The launch procedure and landing are very simple. All that is needed is a longer flat surface.

The aircraft was planned for use by fire brigades, agricultural companies and for reconnaissance of terrain sections for building exploration, research or for monitoring pipeline routes. Essential here was a lower flight speed to facilitate image capture. It is now planned to attract investors to start production.

Bremen – 28th Oct. 2022