Dornier DO-228 – New fire extinguishing tank under development

The Dornier DO-228 is a powerful commuter aircraft well known for it’s STOL capabilities and it’s versatility. The only role, which has not been performed yet is the role as a firefighter. has now started the development of the first tank system for this aircraft.

The tank system will not be permanently installed, but offered as a temporary retrofit system for DO-228 operators. The fitting should be possible in one or two days after removal of the seat rows. The tank is planned for a drop mass of approximately 1.5 tonnes of extinguishing agent. Filling is to be carried out at an airfield by fire pumps.
The new tank is intended to enable authorities to also use the aircraft of local air services to respond to fire disasters, as there is currently a worldwide shortage of suitable aircraft.
The DO-228 is an uncomplicated and robust aircraft that is used intensively in all climatic zones worldwide. It can operate from unpaved short runways.

Bild von Julian Herzog (13.09.2012 – ILA Berlin) Quelle