Flight Operations

In Europe the aerial firefighting is mostly done by state controlled authorities or or special military units of the airforces. This is on one hand good for a quick reaction on apearing crisises, but on the other hand this limits often the number of available aircraft in a region. In such larger wildfire situations this may cause a lack in the fire fighting capacity. So it is time to start a commercial service to increase the existing services and to lower the budgets of the concerned states in thje EU. A commercial operator will just be hired for the time of the crises. A authority have to finance the personal, the training of the crews and the aircrafts all the time. Maintenance, wages, fuel for training flights etc. have to be financed all the year from limited national budgets.

In the time of an apearing economic crises this may be too much for the stressed state budgets. Necessary budget cuts may lower the capability to react on wildfires in Europe. A commercial operator may close this gap. We plan to build up a special purpose flight service for the wildfire fighting and other special services.