Great ideas are not all. We require investment capital for our plans.

Aerial firefighting is a real niche branch in the aviation business, but a challenging one. Also there is no other aeronatical branch, which helps so much to protect the nature like estinguishing fires in forests, because forests are the basis for all life on our planet.

In our wolrd inhabited areas often spread into the formerly wild landscape. This brings new dangers to the people and the properties in such areas like bushfires and other desasters. The long periods of draught increase the danger of large fires enormously. But the existing fire fighting capacity often is not high enough to revent catastrophig situations.

Increasing the capacities to protect lifes, properties and the nature by new technologies and better utilized aeria systems is our mission. But we require capital to develop our plans and to bring our concepts into service.

If would like to take part of this, be welcome and get in contact with us.