Our Mission

The climate change do have many aftermaths. One is the growth of wildfires worldwide. The USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, South Europe – many catastrophic wildfire causes losses of lives, the destruction of properties and the devastation of natural resources.

Ground forces have only few chances to fight effectively against the fire fronts. The speed, the terrain and the lack of equipment and water lower their chances. The afford to be done are gigantic. Often thousands of firefighters in some disasters try to prevent even the worst devastation of the nature, human housings and properties.

They need urgently any help possible. From simple handshovels and fire hoses to sophisticated equipment many is needed. We try to help with developing helpings things and machines.

Our most important field is the design of UAV particularly for fire departments. Gathering information about the fires and controlling the areas that have burnt down is very important. UAVs can help to lower the danger and save costs.

We have two under development. One larger for long ranges and one small for local recognition missions. Both are designed to be available for affordable prices.