Our Mission

The climate change do have many aftermaths. One is the growth of wildfires worldwide. The USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, South Europe – many catastrophic wildfire causes losses of lives, the destruction of properties and the devastation of natural resources.

Ground forces have only few chances to fight effectively against the fire fronts. The speed, the terrain and the lack of equipment and water lower their chances. Just airplanes and helicopters – “waterbombers” – could deliver large amounts of water directly into the fires. But also in this growing exotic branch exists a capacity problem. The current firebomber fleets are aging, and the number of planes is much too few to meet the worldwide growing demands.

So we developed the idea to modernize the existing fleet of waterbombers by converting modern airplane into a new kinds of waterbomber and to develop a new generation of firefighting kits for existing aircrafts.

Our main tasks are …

  • to development of the best possible solution to get wildfires under control;
  • to help saving lives and properties;
  • to make the work of the crews more safer;
  • to assist the protection of the nature and the of the klimate;
110628-O-ZZ999-001 A California Air National Guard C-130 Hercules aircraft equipped with a modular airborne firefighting system drops fire retardant near Hondo, N.M., on June 28, 2011. DoD photo by Jennifer Myslivy, U.S. Forest Service. (Released)