Projects and Services

The combination of capabilites is what counts. By connecting all possible means of firefighting to a combined action by using modern means of comunication and data transfer, effective firefighting aircrafts and state-to-the-art recognission capabilites the efficiency of the complete force will be increased to a much higher lever. It will not make sense to take museum items and old fashioned methods in the future.

The Conversion of aircraft

  • Conversion of modern aircraft into airtankers
  • Sale, leasing and/or operation of airtankers

Flight Operations

  • Operation of firefighting aircraft & helicopters
  • Utilization of drones to control wildfires

Fire Detection and Surveillance

  • UAV Services
  • Image data evaluation and data provision
  • Assistance of law enforcement

Design of firefighting equipment

Design and sale of tank systems and refilling equipment for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.