The combination of capabilities is what counts. By connecting all possible means of firefighting to a combined action by using modern means of communication and data transfer, effective firefighting aircrafts and state-to-the-art recognitiion capabilities the efficiency of the complete force will be increased to a much higher lever. It will not make sense to take museum items and old fashioned methods in the future.


ARGUS-M is a long-range UAV for the recognition of large areas. It has been designed for a flight endurance of 20 to 40 hours (Depending on payload and fuel) at a relative slow speed. Controlled by an automated navigation system it could film, photograph or scan large areas to find remaining fires etc. ARGUS-M is easy to start, operate and land. It could be controlled by radio remote control stations or by satellite data transfer and can deliver video information on time.


This UAV surely does not have the same range as ARGUS-M, but is planned to be transportable in a backpack. Starting it is simple. This UAV would control local areas and would inform the fire fighters directly about the situation on site. The UAV is easily demountable into modules. The systems are simple and just a pad computer will be enough to control it and to get video data.

3-sides of ARGUS-M